Guidelines To Ensure Motor Rider’s Safety

Motorcyclists are more vulnerable in traffic than, for example, motorists. To reduce the number of casualties, the government sets requirements for motorcycling. For example, every driver of a motorcycle must have a motorcycle license and wear a helmet.

ESSENTIAL Tips for Motorcycle Safety

Driving a motorcycle is only permitted if the driver has a motorcycle license. This is also called the driving license A. The exam for the driving license consists of a theory part and a practical part. A different minimum age applies to the different categories at which the driving license can be obtained.

Technical requirements engine

Before a motorcycle can run on public roads, the vehicle must meet technical requirements. For example, an engine may not be longer than 4 meters and an engine must have effective brakes. The technical requirements for the engine can be found in the Vehicle Regulations.

MOT for engines. The General Periodic Inspection (MOT) does not apply to the engine. It is wise to have the engine checked regularly for wear or other defects.

Protective motorcycle clothing

You must wear an approved helmet when riding a motorcycle. Protective motorcycle gears such as proper clothing are not mandatory, but important. Choose to clothe specially designed for motorcyclists. You will protect this clothing if it unexpectedly goes wrong.

During the practical exam for the motorcycle, the motorcyclist must show that he has mastered his motorcycle and the traffic rules. In addition, clothing requirements also apply during the exam. For example, the motorcyclist must wear an approved helmet, eye protection, high shoes or boots, gloves, and protective clothing.

Tips increase visibility on the engine

In many accidents, the motorist does not see the motorcyclist. Motorcyclists must increase their visibility in traffic. For example, wear clothing with reflective material and a helmet in a light color. In the Motor Platform, the central government works together with other parties to further improve the safety of motorcyclists.

Motorcycle friendly guardrail

A motorcycle-friendly guard rail has a flexible bottom plate. This plate closes the space between the bottom of the rail and the ground. Motorcyclists can therefore not slide against the legs of the guardrail. The guardrail legs often cause serious injury.

The government wants to further reduce the number of accidents among motorcyclists. That is why, among other things, there will be additional voluntary driver training for motorcyclists. This is stated in the Action Plan for Improving Road Safety for Motorcyclists.

Driving on the engine

Motorcyclists can drive between cars in a traffic jam. The Motorplatform has drawn up rules, the so-called traffic jam code. These rules are described in ‘Teamwork in the file’.