Cleaning And Maintenance Tips For Aluminum Window Sills

Aluminum window sills not only look good, with the right care their shine will last for years. The maintenance of the aluminum and the surface is the same for anodized and powder-coated, with a few exceptions. Don’t worry, we have marked it for you where the care deviates from each other.

Cleaning intervals

To maintain the shine of the aluminum window sill, it is recommended to clean it at least twice a year. If you live in a city, at least four cleanings per year are recommended.

Select a suitable cleaning cloth

A damp cloth or the soft side of a kitchen sponge is sufficient to remove the dirt from the windowsill. Brushes or scratching objects are not suitable for cleaning as they damage the surface.

Water, soap, acid – which cleaner helps?

When cleaning window sills, the following applies: the simplest solution is usually the best solution. Lukewarm water (~ 25 ° C) is enough to remove dirt. Warm or even hot water is not recommended as it can damage the surface.

Remove coarse dirt

If you cannot remove coarse dirt (e.g. soil or bird droppings) on the windowsill with a simple wipe, there is a simple trick. Wet a rag and leave it on the dirty spot for a moment. Now you can remove the dirt with light pressure. Do not use brushes or objects that scratch it. You will remove the dirt with it, but at the same time, your windowsill will be scratched.

Avoid stains during installation

Sometimes it gets dirty when building. Basically, the surface of the aluminum window sill reacts with acids and alkalis. It stains or becomes dull. It is therefore important that when working around the window sill, it is protected by a film. Not everything can be recognized as acidic or basic at first glance. Lime, plaster, fresh concrete and much more will corrode the window sill surface after prolonged contact.

I have a cleaner like that, but I’m not sure

Anodized and powder-coated surfaces are sensitive to chemicals. You can test the cleaner on a small, invisible area to test whether the surface has been burned.

More thorough cleaning with a high-pressure cleaner or steam jet?

Sometimes we are asked whether the window sills can be cleaned faster with a high-pressure cleaner or with a steam jet. We, therefore, recommend that you do not use a high-pressure cleaner. The situation is similar to the steam jet. In addition, the warm water dulls the surface of the windowsill and it loses its shine.

Removal of adhesive residues, silicone, rubber, grease, soot, oil

If soap is no longer sufficient, special cleaning agents made from aromatic-free hydrocarbons can be used. Test beforehand in an inconspicuous place whether there are any changes on the window sill surface.

Mending scratches for powder-coated aluminum window sills

If the powder-coated surface has been soiled and scratches have occurred, these can be repaired. Using a touch-up pen, paint can be carefully applied to the notch of the scratch. Strip off the touch-up pencil at the edge and only apply a little paint at a time to avoid paint streaks. To do that, you need a high-quality brush. Here are The 6 Best Paint Brushes For Trim (DIY Review).

Repairing scratches for anodized aluminum window sills

In contrast to the powder-coated window sill, no additional color can be applied to an anodized window sill, as the anodized layer is only a few µm thick. Thus, the scratch cannot be completely repaired, but the treatment makes it much less noticeable and no longer disturbs the appearance.