Is It Good To Buy iPhone Refurbished Units?

High-end devices (particularly smartphones) are becoming more and more expensive. Last year the iPhone X pushed us beyond the thousand bucks barrier so the choice is to buy a cheaper phone or buy a refurbished one of the previous model.

Unboxing a refurbished iPhone X – Is it like new?

With that in mind, the iPhone 6S Refurbished is an ideal purchase. For the sake of review, we have purchased iPhone X to see what the condition is like. This unit came in an excellent condition bundle. That means you get various accessories with it and an official box. You can buy the phone on its own if you like with the unit starting from 595 pounds and a bundle from 650 pounds which is a massive difference from the original price point at 999 pounds.

Apple Certified Refurbished Product

One thing to look for in refurbished iPhones – It should be the Apple Certified Refurbished product that comes with the box itself. This means that Apple directly refurbished the phone and launched it out to the market. This means that companies are in fact changing the way they move.

What are refurbished iPhones?

These are iPhone units that customers have returned to the Apple store usually due to factory defects and issues. Rather than sending the units to waste, the company fixes the problem and sells it out to the market as refurbished iPhones.

What’s inside the box of Refurbished iPhone X?

Inside the box, there’s a separately packaged brand new lighting three and half millimeter adapter which is great for those wanting to use wired headphones. There’s also a screen protector designed for the iPhone X as well as an authentic pair of Apple’s wired earphones. There’s also a wall adapter. Most bundles will also come with a lighting cable.

The refurbished phone’s first look

The phone appears to be in really good condition. There are no scratches or marks on the glass or on the front or on the back and looking closely at the stainless steel frame, it’s no surprise on this highly shiny finish, there could be some minor marks but you’d barely notice those marks. The edges still retain that shiny look which gives the entire phone an appearance of being a new device.

Once you’ve done setting up the phone, you will barely recognize that the phone is in fact refurbished.