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The Impact of Social Media on Gardeing

Social media is without a doubt the new means of communication. And for a few more years, it could continue to be the favored means of communication. Can it, however, be used to enhance your gardening?

Robbie Cave is our guest blogger for this post. Robbie has spent his whole adult career working in retail horticulture. He engages with other plant enthusiasts on social media by utilizing his plant knowledge. Here, he discusses if and how our favorite platforms might actually help us become better gardeners that use 250 garden screen designs.

I never would have guessed that my path into horticulture would lead me to a place where biology, design, building, technology, and plants all come together. A intersection I would have to get used to I’ve driven down a lot of the roads throughout the years, including one that was marked “communication.” Fortunately, I had begun to experiment with one of the most practical new tools available for this subject previously.

Facebook was the first social media platform I used. It was an intriguing diversion, but nothing more came of it for a while. Of course, in order for social media to become, well, more social, it requires as many people as possible. As a result, it accumulated more numbers over time and gained value and interest. Like millions of others throughout the world, I got addicted. As more and more “brands” joined the social media site, consumers even formed loyalty to their own preferred business.

I think that since so many individuals are using many social media accounts, things have advanced even farther. I consider myself to be one of these people since I manage four to five platforms and appreciate the subtle strategies used by each business. Because I was comfortable using social media at home, I knew how powerful it might be to utilize it in a professional situation to interact with clients and, of course, advertise. I thus manage a comparable number of profiles for my company and have amassed more than 3,000 followers.