Companies Changing The Way They Move

The scenario 20 years ago – a company started out a store, advertised in local newspapers, joined up with local network organizations, and was hoping local customers will have a need for the products they offer. All of this has changed with the development of the Internet.

Companies no longer rely on local customer base to survive; it now has goods and services worldwide. The Internet has not only changed the customer base of the company, but also changed the way companies communicate with employees, and found and managed competition.

Technology is changing the businesses faster

Better Business Communication

When the Internet generated new communication tools, the ability of companies to connect with employees, customers, and business associates has improved significantly. Electronic mail and instantaneous messaging have transformed the face of communication in many businesses throughout the world. Based on a study executed by the Administration of Small Businesses, 36 percent businesses owned by female and 38 percent of business owned by male frequently make use of email-based communication. Occasionally, over fifty percent of men and women make use of e-mail according to statistics.

The Surge of Telecommuting

Many companies are now giving employees the alternative to home based making use of office tools supplied by the company. This particular method called telecommuting enables companies to reduce their overhead expenses by reducing office space and reducing utilities in day-to-day operations. Based on the finding by Suite Commute, there are 33.7 million workers who worked remotely in 2008.

Broader Customer Reach and Collaboration

Other areas that companies have evolved the way they do business includes marketing to a broader customer base through the use of digital advertising. Collaboration with other businesses has become easier through the use of the internet and internet research.

With all the technology introduced in the market, many industries were able to simplify the once complex way that companies work. Companies are now looking into hosting reviews in order to develop their own place in the internet to offer their goods and services.