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Future Robotic Vacuums That Can Remove Even A Single Dust

Colin Angle, iRobot’s chairman and CEO, says: “In 2018, iRobot used a Rumba robot vacuum to empty robot memory and automatic storage, and introduced a hands-free cleaning automation system.” With the introduction of Roomb s9 + and Braava jet m6, iRobot achieves another automation milestone for home robots, allowing customers to forget the vacuum for several weeks, working with the robot vacuum and mop I can do it. “

Good News: Angles will deliver a keynote speech to MARS, who will present his vision for home robot automation at the Amazon AI and Robotics Event in Las Vegas, Nevada, June 4-7, 2011. Lustba s9 + and Braava The jet m6 robot and the next-generation TerraTM robotic mower will be on display at MARS’s Alexa&iRobot Smart Home.

Future Robotic Vacuums

The Roomba s9 + robot vacuum cleaner is YourSmartHomeGuide with Clean Base, offers the most powerful cleaning results to customers, including state-of-the-art 3D sensors, a powerful new cleaning system, a 30% wide double rubber brush 2 and a specially designed corner brush. Each rubber brush has a rubber pedal that comes in constant contact with a variety of floor surfaces, from hard floors to carpets, and adjusts and bends to remove small particles like dust and dirt from the hair as needed. The specially designed corner brush uses five angled arms to grasp dirt and foreign objects on the corners and walls and send them to the robot path for cleaning.

Roomba s9 + Robot has the first and only anti-allergy system to capture pollen and fungal allergens and prevent them from escaping the robot or clean charging station. Roomba®s 9+ robots contain high-performance filters that capture 99% allergens of aphids, pollen and cockroaches. After cleaning the Roomba 9+ robot, return to the Clean BaseTM charging station and automatically put the contents in a disposable bag to remove dust and dirt. The Clean BaseTM charging station has 30 trash cans, allowing customers to forget to vacuum for several weeks at a time.