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Features of Your iPhone XS That Makes it Stand Out

The iPhone series is such a great smartphone invention. However, just like other iPhone model, Coque iPhone XS is such a great one offering features that make it one of a kind. To learn its difference from the other especially if you are using an older unit, here are some of the cool tricks, that may even apply to iPhone refurbished unit, that you must have to know.

Unique and cool features of iPhone XS

1. Gesture controls

Instead of using the home button to navigate, iPhone XS uses different gesture controls. You would easily get back to the Home grid of the controls if you swipes up from the screen bottom. Another way to access the Home, you can also swipe the lock screen up at the moment the Face ID identifies you.

Accessing the multitasking menu can be done by swiping up and holding your finger for a second. Moreover, the small bar located at the screen bottom allows you to swipe on it on a left and right direction to swap on the open apps quickly. Swiping down from the upper right side of the screen permits you to navigate the Control Panel and change a particular setting.

2. Face ID

Based on iPhone historical series, the Touch ID or the fingerprint sensor is a popular trademark.

But, when the Face ID was introduced through the iPhone X unit, the iPhone reinvention made a step higher. And when it comes to the iPhone XS, this Face ID becomes faster.

You can unlock your iPhone with just a glance using the Face ID. The only thing you must do is to directly look with your eyes at the screen. Further, even if you are wearing glasses or sunglasses, the Face ID can still identify you.

3. Memoji

One of the cool trick popularized by the iPhone X was the Animoji found at the camera sensor. Animoji operates by translating the facial movements and manners on a real-time basis to a cartoon face of an animal. With the iPhone XS, this still remains but you can use the Animoji on your selfie.

Using it is really entertaining. You have the option to create your own Animoji by tapping the Animoji button at the Messages. There are various customization that you can do like coloring the hair and the eyes which can change you in a real cartoon figure.