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Are SARMs Really Safe?

In the world of weightlifting, the most popular term is probably “steroids” because in order to achieve a superhero like body with huge muscles, weightlifters usually take steroids, an alternative to male testosterone responsible for building muscle mass. When steroids are first introduced in the market, it immediately became popular because of its amazing benefits. Moreover, almost two decades ago, the majority of steroids users are men, but when weightlifting among women becomes a trend, women also learn to take such drug.

However, despite the numerous benefits of steroids, there are side effects associated with continuous usage of steroids, Some of the side effects include pimple breakouts, acne, enlargement of breast which is a disadvantage to most male users, and many more.

Given these side effects, “safer” alternatives to steroids, such as Ostarine , were developed. It promises less harmful side effects even with regular usage. But like steroids, it also serves as an alternative testosterone. So the question is, are SARMs really safe to use?

SARMs, short for Selective Androgen Receptor, is an imitation of male testosterone and when they are combined with receptors, they can avoid the harmful side effects by steroids. However, the Food and Drug Administration is still in the process of conducting some trials to prove the efficacy and safety of this drug.

How Do SARMs Work?

SARMs, similar to steroids, helps someone’s body to grown facial hair, and cut body fats while gaining muscles. This is also taken by those teenagers who are experiencing hormonal problems and imbalances. For weightlifters, SARMs help promote growth cells and androgen that will aid to the development of muscles.

Is it Really Safe to Use SARMs?

Since SARMs is still in the process of getting approval from the Food and Drug Administration, it is not guaranteed safe to use for now. But if you will compare it with steroids, SARMs are much safer. If you are planning to take SARMs, it is better to have your blood checked after one week of taking the drug to see how your body reacts to it. If you decide to continue using it, make sure to run a test every month.