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Reasons why Basketball is Very Popular

For the past couple of decades,  basketball has become so popular. It is known as the second most popular sport in the world next to soccer. In addition to that, basketball is something that a lot of people, specially men, really admire doing because it involves strategy, creativity, discipline. and as well as leadership.

It is no wonder why such sport is being incorporated by educational institution to secondary and high school education in order to teach kids proper sportsmanship as well as see the importance of teamwork. There are even parents who designed a basketball court in their backyard just so their kids will play outside instead of staring at their electronic devices such as smartphones and laptops for the whole day. On the other hand, there are those parents who do not want to buy basketball equipment because it will be hard for them to transfer in case they decided to transfer to another home. Good news is that there is already portable basketball hoop where you will not need to worry about the space it has to occupy because a pole is no longer needed, just the hoop.

Basketball is a sport being played by almost all men in every country. I know anyone who is reading know a lot of people who love playing this type of sport. There are some who are very good at it, and there are also who are not that good but are only after playing and enjoying the game.

To fully understand why huge chunk of people like basketball, we listed down major reasons:

1. Unlike other sports, playing basketball is not that expensive– compared to other sport such as tennis or badminton, basketball is not expensive. All you need to have is a jersey or gym clothes and of course the players.

2. Easily accessible. – a lot of people enjoys playing basketball because this can be done even on the road or inside. Players just need to have a ring and a ball and then that’s it.

3. Easy to learn– basketball is very player friendly because it is not that hard to learn. It is important to learn how to dribble and shoot a ball.