Canada’s Reunification Program Temporarily on Hold, Pending Overhaul of Intake System

Canada immigrants and permanent citizens wishing to bring over their parents and/or grandparents in Canada by 2020, will have to wait until the Liberal government figures out a new intake system.

As critics of the program have pointed out, the selection process in place is unfair, since the moment the online system launched in January 2019, online application snapped up all the spots in a matter of minutes.

It was reported that as many as 27,000 applications for parent/grandparent sponsorship were approved online, picked from out of more than 100,000 sponsorship applications that were submitted online.

Tens of thousands felt frustration and utter disappointment when after nine minutes of going live, the system had already awarded all available spots. Now that Immigration Canada has confirmed that they will be delaying the 2020 reunification program, people who missed out on the opportunity last year, are once again saddened by the news of the suspension

Peter Kent, a Conservative Immigration Critic said it is clear that the overall intake system demands a complete overhaul. Last year’s online system worked on a “first-come, first-served’ basis,” which many believe was unfair because some are located in regions where it took awhile before they could access the application. Others who were able to access a sponsorship application took long before they could complete and send in the form.

Faulty Online Processing Took Off From Lottery System

Actually, last year’s online system was adopted by the government to replace an earlier approach, which saw tens of thousands camped out the night before just to secure early line-up positions at processing centers.

However, back then, the selection process was not based on a first-come, first-served basis but on lottery system. Imagine the frustration of those who had camped out, some of whom were place-holders hired by applicants. Since the lottery system was in place, applying for the program was just a gamble.

Criticized for implementing a program that was obviously supported by an unfair and flawed intake system, the federal government faced two lawsuits in May 2019.

The CBC reported that the federal government had to agree to a secret extra-judicial settlement in order to avoid others from filing class action lawsuits. According to the CBC report, at least 70 reunification applications were additionally approved.

Canada’s immigration policy is generally regarded across the globe as soft-hearted, as exemplified by the reunification program. Despite the flaws and the controversy in the intake system, comparisons with U.S. immigration policies, still make Canada the ideal place – taxpayer money goes to great cultural enrichment, free education and healthcare, upkeep of thousands of recreational parks and vast green spaces.

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