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Blogging And Social Media

Both social media and blogging, such as the site at, allow individuals to impart their opinions and ideas with other people, promote the links, share that current news and discoveries, and so much more. Although you could do this on both platforms, social media and blogging are quite different from each other.

Community Built on Blogs and Social Media

When blogging, the content in your blog is entirely by itself. This means that there is no competition present when visitors enters your blog URL. It’s purely your blog posts that are found in your site. Through this approach, you could establish a community that’s stronger.

On social media, on the other hand, you could acquire a community that’s larger, however might not be stronger. For instance, if someone follows you on social media and follows other people as we, probabilities are they won’t catch sight of your posts on social media. One weighty factor is because of the voluminous competition wherein they regularly update their social media accounts (at times more than once a day). Moreover, obtaining fake followers on social media is very easy nowadays, and getting sham subscribers on blogs are unlikely.

Blogging is more of quality and social media is more on quantity. Nonetheless, combining both will allow you to develop and expand your online presence. Blogging and social media now co-operate and match each other. Make use of your blog to enhance your social media with blog posts, and to utilize your social media account to promote or indorse your blog.

Here are a few ways you could combine blogging and social media:

Share Your Content

If people come across your blog content and found it fascinating and interesting, they could share this on social media looking for great content came across your blog. Although you could do this as well, other people sharing your blog extends the reach of your audience. Make your blog content shareable through social share buttons. You not only grow awareness of your blog content, but also allow your visitors the option and opportunity to easily share your blog content.

Create Social Login

73% of users choose to log into a website via social login rather than supplying an email address and making a new account. With a social log in, you could enrich the experience of your visitors as well as grow the conversions and retention of your website registration since you allow visitors to log in or sign up through their social media accounts, shortening the process of registering in your site.

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