Are You Secured or Endangering Yourself?

The moment that your internet security is compromised by hackers, it automatically gives them full authority and access to whatever it is you’re doing. What’s worse, you can even be watched by hundreds, thousands or millions of people when your security camera’s recording is uploaded to hacked websites too.

In an effort to steer clear of this threat, you must be watchful for signs of having a hacked camera system. Good thing is that, there are a number of ways that you can tell whether your camera system is hacked or not.

Tell-Tale Signs of a Compromised System

There are many ways among hackers to hack your security cameras. Among which is the lack of basic security features such as using:

  • Simple passwords
  • Sticking with the default settings

Thing is, it isn’t possible to know whether your security cameras and webcams are in unsecured list of IP camera. Here are few of the things that you need to be very vigilant about.

Watch out for Strange Noises

Signs that the IP camera is hacked are almost impossible to detect. But there’s one that’s so obvious you could use. If you’re hearing strange voices coming from the security camera, then most likely it has been hacked.

And you have to be extra careful. It’s because hackers are interacting with your kids remotely through hacked security cameras. They can even listen to your conversations and only God-knows-what they are doing.

Is the Security Moving Abnormally?

If it seems that your security camera follows your movement, then most probably it is hacked. This is a common sign among hacked cameras to rotate buy itself or to point in specific positions than usual.

Are there Changes in Security Settings?

It is imperative that you check whether there are changes to your security settings. The person who hacks into your system might leave traces on the settings. There are hackers who are changing camera names to what seems to be a legit update. This is not necessary actually but to some, this is a source of pride and show off on their end.