Volunteers Help To Give New Decking For The Old Railroad Bridge Alabama

Old Railroad Bridge, Alabama – As outlined by our many media associates, volunteers began getting rid of a few of the approximated 2,400 panels on the Aged Railroad Bridge. The working volunteers are hoping to at some point get all new decks to enhance the historical structure soon. Check out more about composite decks at

Worker volunteers are affiliates of the Old Railway Bridge Organization, a non-profit organization that protects and preserves the bridge that crossed the Tennessee River connecting the Colbert County and the Lauderdale County.

Tim Wagnon, an association member, said on Wednesday that a large number of working volunteers are retired laborers who once worked for the railroad sector.

“The group likes to work hard – a group of really hard working former railroad workers,” Wagnon told the staff as they unpacked the old panels and laid down the new panels.

The bridge is found in Alabama, in the most dated bridge site and was first constructed in the later part of the 1800s. It had been last utilized for car vehicles in 1939 and then train commuter routes in the year 1988.

The train passes through the upper level of the bridge and the lower part is used for crosswalks. Today, the second half is a famous place for the general public to walk through and take photographs. The upper part is not open to the public.

When Damion Caperton worked on the railway for the first day, he recalled laughing when he was crossing the bridge by train.

“They made me afraid of death, let me put on life jackets and all,” Caperton said.

Wagnon stated the $3,000 offer will be used to pay for the first phase of work. This will require 288 boards to be replaced. Roughly 2,100 boards still require financial help, costing $11 per piece.

Wagnon explained the construction is good, although the planks are very old and aging, thus the organization is changing them, getting started with those that are obviously needing to be changed.

The organization is accepting donations to help in the funding of this project. You can check out the website set for Old Railroad Bridge to send in your donations. Any amount will help a lot.