TikTok Rolls Out Initiatives to Help Push Vaccination Programs

TikTok is out to prove itself as a socially relevant social media platform that recognizes its role in influencing young people. The platform announced several initiatives as ways of taking part in the government’s COVID-19 vaccination campaigns, including the global movement to increase vaccine administrations initiated by the World Health Organization via the World Immunization Week (April 24 – 30, 2021).

Joins Up with NowThis to Launch VIRAL

To reach the greater global audience, TikTok partnered with NowThis News, the progressive social media-focused news agency founded by former Huffington Post execs Chairman Kenneth Lerer and CEO Eric Hippeau in launching VIRAL —- a 5-part live program in which discussions about the science behind the COVID-19 are held to help in educating people in order to close the information gap as well as reduce vaccine hesitancy.

Live-Streams Webcast Hosted by WHO Health Official

On Thursday, April 29, 2021, TikTok will be broadcasting a live-stream webcast hosted by the WHO Director for the Department of Immunization, Vaccines, and Biologicals, Dr. Katherine O’Brien, who will be answering important questions and concerns about vaccines, as raised by TikTok users.

Encourages Users to Share Inspiring Vaccination Stories Using #VaccinatedFor Hashtag

TikTok users are encouraged to share inspiring vaccination stories, including their reasons for getting vaccinated. Using the hashtag #VaccinatedFor, their video posts will be featured in the Discover page during the World Immunization Week.

Actually, even before the week-long global campaign, the company has been continually making improvements that aim to detect and remove vaccine misinformation in their platform. Through its Transparency Report, misleading videos are taken down within 24 hours of upload. In addition, the spokesperson for the social media site says they have been making critical investments for new detection mechanisms.