Is the iPhone 11 the Next Big Thing?

Apple’s Keynote has concluded and they have introduced there newest iPhones. Is it something that brought a surprise? For certain, the iPhone 11, it has brought advanced technology primarily in the camera department and its processing power. Yet, it is being offered less than the cost of buying an iPhone XR back in 2018. This is a combination of 6.1” display coupled with premium body and available in variety of colors as well.

New Model, Almost Same Specs under the Hood

Among the most eye-catching features of this new model are its imaging abilities. With 2 sensors installed on the rear, users are now able to snap wide-angle photos together with normal main imagines. The sensors have 12MP each and raised from the back of the phone within a square glass enclosure.

Night mode is the most remarkable part of iPhone 11 imaging quality which brings brightness and clarity even to the darkest scenes.

Then, there is the portrait mode which defocuses the background, creating crisper and professional-like photos. With this level of imaging quality, you can use your phone for artistic photography and upload it at Paint by Numbers.

Spot the Difference

As for the design, not much has changed from the design in iPhone XR of 2018. Difference however is, the new iPhone comes in 6 different colors which includes mint green shade and new lilac. The edges of iPhone 11 bring the same feeling as the old iPhones like 6, 7 as well as 8.

Apple also claims that iPhone 11’s battery life is an hour longer compared to its predecessor. As for the performance and speed of the phone on the other hand, no question that it is robust; which is what is expected for its price. Still, it is among the most powerful and superior smartphones in the market.

Still Unbeatable

Well in reality, this translates to solid experience when you are going back and forth of applications. However, upon using the phone, you may experience that there is a bit of improvement needed on firing the camera and as for a modern and high-end device, processing of photos are taking longer than expected. Having said that, you can work on edits for 4K footages at 60FPS; this is professional level editing that is compacted in smartphone territory. Seems to be a powerful device that you can keep in your pocket.

At the end of the day, the iPhone 11 is still a win for Apple. With the culmination of advanced technology and unbelievable performance, it is not surprising if Apple has once again long list of consumers queuing on the official launch of the device.