Cars Are Stille Being Towed Despite COVID-19 Ordinance

Towing a car

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about numerous changes to our daily lives, from mask mandates to social distancing protocols. However, one aspect that seems to remain constant is the persistence of towing services like San Jose Towing (, despite the ongoing pandemic. Despite the hardships many have faced in these trying times, towing companies continue to enforce their policies, leaving car owners frustrated and inconvenienced.

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Unwanted Towing Incidents Amidst COVID-19

As the pandemic rages on, many people are dealing with financial struggles and uncertainty. In response to these challenges, local governments have implemented various ordinances aimed at providing some relief. However, one issue that has raised eyebrows is the continuation of towing services targeting vehicles parked in restricted areas.

Here are some key points to consider:

  • Inconsistent Enforcement: While some cities have temporarily halted towing during the pandemic, others have maintained a strict approach. The lack of consistency has left car owners confused and anxious about where they can park their vehicles safely.
  • Financial Burden: Towing incidents can result in hefty fines, which can be a significant financial burden for individuals already struggling due to the economic impacts of COVID-19.
  • Lack of Communication: Many drivers have reported a lack of communication regarding changes in towing policies during the pandemic. Clear and transparent communication from towing companies and local authorities is essential to ensure that everyone is on the same page.
  • Increased Stress: The fear of having your vehicle towed can cause significant stress and anxiety, particularly when it’s difficult to find parking spaces that adhere to the ever-changing regulations.

Understanding the Towing Industry

To grasp why towing services persist despite the COVID-19 ordinance, it’s crucial to understand the towing industry and its underlying dynamics:

  • Private Towing Companies: Many towing companies are privately operated businesses, and they rely on towing fees as a source of revenue. The financial strain of the pandemic has hit these businesses hard, leading them to maintain their operations even during these challenging times.
  • Public Safety Concerns: Towing services are often enlisted to remove vehicles that pose safety hazards or obstruct traffic. From fire hydrants to handicap parking spaces, these services are essential to ensure public safety.
  • Local Regulations: Towing regulations vary from one city to another, and in some places, the ordinance may not have explicitly addressed towing during the pandemic. This variation can lead to confusion for both towing companies and car owners.
  • Contractual Agreements: Many businesses and residential areas have contractual agreements with towing companies to manage parking issues. These contracts are legally binding, making it difficult for towing companies to halt their services without incurring penalties.

The Role of Effective Communication

In the midst of these challenges, effective communication plays a pivotal role in addressing the issue of cars being towed during the pandemic. Here are some steps that can be taken to alleviate the frustration of car owners:

  • Clear Guidelines: Local authorities should provide clear and consistent guidelines for towing companies to follow during the pandemic. This can help ensure that towing services are only utilized when necessary for public safety.
  • Notification Systems: Towing companies can implement notification systems to inform car owners when their vehicle is about to be towed. This allows individuals to move their vehicles promptly and avoid costly fines.
  • Temporary Relief: In areas heavily impacted by the pandemic, local governments can consider providing temporary relief to towing companies in exchange for a halt in their services. This would alleviate the financial burden on towing businesses and car owners alike.
  • Awareness Campaigns: Local governments and towing companies can work together to create awareness campaigns about parking regulations during the pandemic. Education and information can empower car owners to make informed decisions.

Moving Forward: Finding a Balance

As we navigate the challenges of the ongoing pandemic, finding a balance between enforcing towing regulations and providing relief to car owners is essential. It’s important to remember that towing services are crucial for public safety, but they should be used judiciously and fairly, especially during these unprecedented times.

While the situation varies from city to city, it’s imperative that both local authorities and towing companies take proactive steps to address the concerns of car owners and maintain a sense of understanding and cooperation.

In conclusion, the persistence of towing services during the COVID-19 pandemic has raised concerns and frustrations among car owners. Effective communication, clear guidelines, and temporary relief measures can help alleviate the burden on both towing companies and the public, creating a more balanced approach to parking enforcement during these challenging times.


The day following Thanksgiving attracted an unwelcome surprise for many residents in The Garden townhome complicated.

“My husband went outside and watched the decal — the green decal — and we’re wondering, ‘What’s this?’ A resident who did not want her identity revealed more than dread of retaliation stated.

The sticker over the couple’s vehicle stated their enrollment was from date placing it in breach of the complex policies.

The decal gave them to renew their enrollment or their car will be towed.

“It was only a short note,” the anonymous resident stated. “When the country is permitting for us to push with this COVID without enrollment, I really don’t see why the complicated does not waive that too.”

The resident was speaking to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott waiving automobile registration requirements throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Law enforcement officers aren’t to ticket motorists for dead vehicle registrations over concerns that moving into the Department of Motor Vehicles to get renewals will bring them connected with the novel coronavirus.

The waiver doesn’t apply to private things such as homeowners institutions, along the Garden Homeowners Association didn’t follow Governor Abbott’s result to calming enrollment requirements.

The president of the homeowners association Dina Trevino denied a formal meeting, however, she explained the board could make modifications to its own policies if taxpayers voice concerns.


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She stated the board hasn’t got any complaints regarding the tow strikes which were issued Friday.

A former board member and present The Garden resident believes the board needs to have waived the registration requirement whenever the government issued his own purchase.

“The board which I functioned on, I am fairly sure we could have exempted the homeowners out of that,” Augustine Leija said.

Leija also took place with the home management firm for Your Garden, PMI Corpus Christi, setting the tow to detect decals on the cars so near a vacation.

“The simple fact that it occurred that the day after Thanksgiving was sort of disturbing,” Leija said. “I did not believe this is a fantastic time.”

PMI Corpus Christi President Jason Wendt also denied a formal meeting, however, he explained the reason that the tow note decals went out once they did was since he received complaints by residents concerning the unregistered vehicles that the 2 days ahead.

With only four days before towing by professional towers such as may start, the resident that desired her identity hidden desires PMI or the HOA to alter the enrollment requirement.

“I mean that I expect that they consider becoming pickier,” she explained. “And when they really do need us to do this, I guess provide us more time.”