Recent Renovations In The White House

The administration of President Donald Trump decided for the White House to undergo a grand renovation such places as the lobbies, West Wing, the Navy Mess Kitchen, and the Oval Office. The renovation of the presidential mansion was carried out on the 4th to 20th days of August 2017. It has been said that the renovation was planned long enough and was even approved during the administration of the former United States President Barack Obama. No politics involved. Just plain beautification of the White House.

As noted, the major White House Reconstruction was done between 1949-1952 under the administration of President Harry S. Truman to preserve and uphold our heritage. The project includes critical interior replacements including floor, wall, and window replacements.

The Whitehouse has contracted various supporting team from consulting architects and engineers, and the best contractors from Cleveland.

Major Revisions and Total Make Over

The new administration means change and this includes a change inside the White House. According to John Botello, the interior designer and the preservation specialist of the Executive Office of the President, the goal of the renovation is to enhance space for the staff and the public. There were major revisions and indeed a total make-over for the place. From upgrading and installing a new air conditioning system, changes in the South Portico steps, outdoor spaces new paints and wallpapers, and even carpet installations.

Carpet designs were fixed such as gray and white patterns at the Roosevelt room and West Wing lobby, navy covering and Reagan’s rug installed in the oval office. Carpets were also installed as a ramp between West Wing offices and the White House colonnade. General Services Administration mentioned that the carpet cost was about $1.17 million while the estimated cost of the over-all White House Renovation was $3.4 million. This will exclude projected expenses for maintenance and cleaning of carpets. Present admin may consider getting more affordable services from Orange County carpet cleaning.

Carpet renovations also play an important and essential role in the presidential mansion. It has been observed that even the past presidents installed different carpet designs in certain places of the mansion. These carpets attract the people who would be visiting the place. Beautiful and lovely designs of these floor coverings make the place more of a home because one can feel the warmth, comfort, and relief. In addition, it also protects the floor from any unwelcome situations and noises.

White House after Trump renovations