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Steroids: What Do They Definitely Do to Your Body

Neferen in Noord-Brabant uses anabolic steroids more often reports addiction No Drugs, Sign, Healthy, Forbidden, Drugs, Cannabiscare Novadic-Kentron in AD. In the first half of the year, 32 reports of anabolic addicted youngsters arrived in Helmond alone. That is almost as many as 38 throughout 2015.

Endocrinologist Pim de Ronde has an outpatient clinic for (former) doping users. The number of patients there has been stable in recent years. “They are mostly amateurs: just guys who want to look good.” They report – or are notified – with concerns about radical physical changes.

“Some people have been exercising for some time: at some point, they only see progress with natural training, so they need steroids to cross that extra threshold. But some also start very early, without first exploring their natural potential.”What anabolics do with your body, you can deduce from the official name: anabolic-androgenic steroids. “Anabolic means muscle building,” says De Ronde. “You get more muscle mass and more muscle power, but only if you eat well and train hard.”

“Androgen means that your body becomes masculine: you get more body hair and your voice becomes heavier. Of course, this is noticeable with women and younger children, with men less.”

You take steroids in courses of six to eighteen weeks, followed by a period of rest. “But some athletes choose to take longer courses, sometimes even a few months to a year. Then your muscles will get bigger, but you run a greater risk of side effects.”

Your body no longer knows how to make testosterone

Endocrinologist Pim de Ronde

And those side effects do not lie: because you add hormones to your body in an unnatural way, your hormone levels are upset. As a result, you may suffer from mood swings, acne, and cholesterol disorders. Just click on this to no more and some advice.

But you get the most serious problems after you stop taking a cure. “Then you have a lack of body-specific testosterone,” says De Ronde. “Your body no longer knows how to make testosterone, which can cause erection problems. In some cases, you even become infertile.”

Men can also get breasts due to the changing hormone levels. The story that your penis shrinks from anabolics is only partly true: your testes can become smaller. It is their job to make testosterone. That is not necessary during a course, so they shrink.